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Atlantic Investment Advisors

Atlantic Investment Advisors

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Atlantic Investment Advisors is a branch office of Investors Capital Corp. headquartered in Lynnfield, MA, a dually- registered independent broker/dealer and Investment Advisory firm of Investors Capital Holdings, Ltd. Investors Capital Corp is a premier independent broker/dealer, serving a network of over 500 quality investment professionals who seek to provide exceptional service and unbiased advice to their clients.

You need a trusted partner with the experience to guide you. A qualified professional who understands your unique needs and can help you shape an investment plan tailored to your goals. With Investors Capital, you can feel good about receiving objective guidance and advice from your investment professional. Since Investors Capital does not offer any proprietary investment products or impose sales quotas, your investment professional has the flexibility to make unbiased recommendations, putting your needs first.

Investors Capital delivers substantial benefits from the important service relationship that we have with our clearing firm, Pershing LLC, and its parent company, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Pershing is the trusted choice of more financial organizations than any other firm in the industry, with an unmatched track record of experience and reliability.

Founded in 1939, Pershing has over $715.8 billion in assets in custody and serves approximately 1,150 broker/ dealers and money managers worldwide.2 The firm is named for its founder, Warren “Jack” Pershing, the only son of celebrated World War I General of the Armies, “Black Jack” Pershing.